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How to Save Time and Style Your Hair In the Shower (Really)


Between everything else you have going on (school drop off, workouts, early morning meetings, and the like), something as simple as washing your hair can be the most complicated part of your day. What are you supposed to do with it after if you don’t have time for a blowdry? Air drying sounds great in theory…but totally sloppy in real life.

What if you could cut some corners by styling your hair in the shower?

Our new Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler helps you do just that. It’s a first-of-its-kind product that goes on in the shower to help you air dry more beautifully.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Shampoo and condition just like you normally would. (To save even more time, use one of our shampoos and conditioners—they keep your hair cleaner, longer, which means you’ll have to wash your hair less.) Then apply In-Shower Styler to your soaking wet hair from root to tip. Rinse it lightly (you’ll want to still feel the slip of the product in your hair). When you do, the product leaves behind a smart blend of ingredients designed to help you air dry, well, perfectly. Think: softness, natural body, enhanced texture, and shine.

Best for: straight to slightly wavy hair.

Play with your texture: by scrunching your damp hair, braiding it, or putting it in a bun, like so.

Here are how two different women air dry more beautifully with the help of In-Shower Styler. On the left, you see how their hair air dries normally; in the middle, what they did with In-Shower Styler in their hair; and on the right, the final result after using In-Shower Styler.




Here are even more ideas about how to air dry differently.

The science: If you want to get all geeky (we do), here are the nuts and bolts. Hair naturally has a negative charge, so positively charged cationic resins bind to those negative sites and stay there—even when rinsed. What stays behind is exactly what you need for beautifully air dried hair (and nothing that you don’t).

More of the secret sauce: our patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE) that gives natural body, magnetic texturizers to help enhance your natural wave, and a hydrophobic resin to control flyaways and enhance shine.

Pairs well with: Full Dry Volume Blast (if you want more volume) or No Frizz Humidity Shield (if the forecast calls for frizz).


Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler

Dry Volume Blast

No Frizz Humidity Shield


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  • Jan Masse

    Braiding your hair when it’s wet or putting it in a bun and letting it dry will give you the exact same effect…..without the magic product.

    • Living Proof

      You definitely will get a textured style if you braid or bun without the product, but In-Shower Styler will enhance the look by adding enhanced natural texture
      body, softness and shine. Hope this helps!

    • downtownamy

      I agree but I think the difference may be in how it creates texture (see below); I can see how something designed for wet to dry would be better than a random spritz of hairspray once it has dried. I had actually hoped this reduced the drying time somehow. My hair is 4 inches from my waist and very thick, so this air-dry thing, which is what i almost always do, takes forever.

  • Katie B Edwards

    If I put my wet or damp hair in a bun, and wear it like that all day, it is still very damp when I take it down. Would love to not have to blow dry, but yeah wet hair is not pretty either

    • Living Proof

      Hi Katie- we feel your pain. Some people’s hair definitely takes longer to dry than others, but these tips should help.

      1) Make sure you towel dry very well before putting your hair up. Try a microfiber towel. As always, pat, don’t rub.

      2) If you want to do a bun, try a messy, loose one. This will definitely allow the hair to dry faster than a tight bun.

      3) Consider a different style- if buns don’t work for you, maybe braids will. Again, keeping them loose will help with dry time.

      Hope these tips help!

  • Zoe Roberts

    Does it work on temporarily colored-hair?

    • Alana Brooks

      Yes! All of our products are safe for color treated hair. Keep in mind that this product isn’t designed to help your color last longer.

  • Kelli Criscola

    How does it do with naturally curly hair? Could it replace using mousse for hold?

    • Living Proof

      Hi Kelli, we actually don’t recommend this product for curly hair. I would recommend something like our Curl Mousse.

      • Kelli Criscola

        Ok. Thanks! 🙂

  • Kerri Ann

    How is it, with medium length, straight, fine hair?

    • Living Proof

      You should definitely give it a try! You may want to play around with putting your hair in braids or buns after you towel dry to get the best result.

  • does it contain gluten??

  • Julie

    My daughter and I have thick slightly wavy hair. We want to pump up our waves. What exact products should we use from start to finish? You have so many products, I am getting confused what we need. Thanks!!

    • Living Proof

      Hi Julie- if you don’t mind, shoot us an email ( and we can offer you a personal consult 🙂

  • Christina Holfelder

    This seems like exactly what I need, as my hair is incredibly damaged from being overprocessed back in December and I’m trying to stay away from heated styling tools.
    I’ve used other leave in products in the past with little success… usually my hair ends up being limp and unruly that I can’t stop touching (I have very thick hair), but I am willing to give this a try. I love that it’s applied while in shower.
    A couple of questions:
    -approximately how much product should someone with thick, medium-length hair use?
    -should it be applied in sections (I.e. Pin up half hair and apply to bottom and then top)?
    -should any moisture be removed from hair prior to application? (Like someone above, my hair also takes a very long time to dry)
    -is it ok to use other products along with it (oils, etc)? With the damage I have, I’ve been using other products to help replenish and Hydrate the hair.

    Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Living Proof

      Hi Christina- thanks for the great questions!
      1. You should use around the same amount as you would conditioner
      2. No, it doesn’t need to be applied in sections- just apply as you normally would your conditioner
      3. You shouldn’t be drying your hair until after the product is applied. We recommend using a microfiber towel, as it’s less damaging than regular bath towels
      4. You can definitely use with your other products. If your hair is very damaged, we’d definitely recommend checking out our Restore collection- it sounds like our Restore Mask would be a great fit for you. We’re happy to chat more about products that can help your hair- feel free to shoot us an email (

  • Chloe

    What are your suggestions for short hair? I feel left out…

    • Living Proof

      Definitely don’t feel left out! For short hair, we recommend scrunching after you towel dry your hair and then letting it air dry.

      • Chloe

        Okay, now , I have thin hair and want to wear it straight with bangs…need body

        • Living Proof

          It sounds like this isn’t the right product for you, as it’s not going to straighten your hair. You may want to try something like our full mousse or full root lift when you blow dry. You can find them both here:

          • Chloe

            Thank you for the information…much appreciated…
            Should I order both? If so, the root lift goes on first, yes?

          • Living Proof

            You’ll get the most volume if you use both. Apply root lift first at the roots, and then apply the mousse all over and blow dry.

  • Noëlle Whitley

    What about really short hair? I have a pixie cut. My hair is thick and has a natural wavy texture (it’s curly when it’s long).

  • Rikki Turner

    I bought this and tried and it didn’t work. It looked like I stuck my finger in the light socket and only part of my hair got fried. I have really thick hair (read: a lottalottalotta of fine hair) which is medium length. I seriously had a few curly pieces, some wavy, some straight, and lots of frizz.

  • Barb Kinsinger Miller

    I love this product. I have chin length, very fine hair with a little natural wave in some areas. I just let dry after combing through and I get just enough wave, texture and fullness to look like I spent hours styling. I had people tell me they liked my new hair style.

    • Living Proof

      So glad you’re loving it!

  • Katlyn Higgins

    Should I still apply my prime and no frizz styling cream after using this product?

    • Living Proof

      Hi katlyn- you definitely can still use both products. Prime is always a good idea, but maybe see how it looks without the No Frizz Styling Cream and if you need extra frizz protection, work it in the next time. Hope this helps!

  • Anne Orso

    Do you have any tips on using the in shower styler for short hair? I’ve been trying it but my hair isn’t really turning out very well after air drying. Everything I see is for long hair.

    • Living Proof

      Hi Anne- if your hair is too short for braids/buns, we recommend towel drying and then scrunching. Hope this helps!

  • Karen Hall

    Could you post pictures of someone with short hair who has used it?

  • MaryDeane

    I have chin-length “multiple personality” hair that’s part very curly and part barely wavy. Could this product help to enhance my natural waves?

    • Living Proof

      Hi Mary! We recommend this product for those with straight to wavy hair, so it sounds like it could definitely work for you. If you head to your local Sephora, you can grab a sample so you can try before you buy. Hope this helps!

  • Pat Williams

    What if you have shorter hair and cannot brain or “bun” it? Let me know OK?

  • Jo

    Can this be used with Prime Style Extender?

  • Tammy

    I’ve only used the product once so far and used the “scrunch” technique and I loved how it brought out my natural wave. However, my damaged, color-treated-for-decades hair was very frizzy (so the frizz is really more due to being damaged instead of humidity). When should I use what product to minimize the frizz but keep the wave? No Frizz Nourishing Styling Creme before scrunching? After scrunching? Wait til it’s completely dry and use No Frizz Instant Defrizzer?