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Get Healthier Hair in Two Weeks (And You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Blowdryer)

If you regularly heat style or color your hair, you know you’re no saint to your strands. But just how bad is the damage really? And is there anything you can do about it, or are you stuck with fried hair?

That’s the experiment we put forth with our test subject, Sarah. She’s a YouTube personality who puts her hair through the ringer—she bleaches it, regularly uses heat tools, and changes up her style often. Before the test she described her hair as feeling dry, parched, and damaged.

The challenge: Quit all the non-Living Proof products Sarah was using and to commit to a new system for just two weeks: our Restore Shampoo, Conditioner, Perfecting Spray, and Instant Repair every time she washed her hair, and our Mask Treatment two times a week. She didn’t have to change anything else during that time—she could blowdry, flat iron, and curl to her heart’s content.

The results: well, they speak for themselves. Here’s Sarah’s hair before she started the challenge, and after two weeks of using the Restore products. In each instance, her hair was styled exactly the same way.

We also took samples of Sarah’s hair before and after we started the challenge, and our scientists evaluated them under a powerful microscope (SEM magnification 2ooox). You can see the lifted cuticle in the “before” sample, indicating all the damage already done. In the “after” sample, the cuticle looks much smoother, so it’s no wonder Sarah described her hair as feeling so much softer and smoother.

Sarah’s take:

Ready to take the challenge yourself?

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