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Here’s How You Can Transform Your Hair in Just Two Weeks


There’s instant gratification everywhere. Spritz on our Full Dry Volume blast and BOOM! Bigger hair. Swipe on a coat of mascara and POW! Big, long lashes. Need to know something? Google can give you the answer in 10 seconds flat. But there’s something to be said for committing to something and seeing lasting results. (Any personal trainer or dietician would certainly agree.)

We had a strong hunch that if we challenged women to stick with our Restore products for just two weeks, they could transform their hair in that time. Because our data shows that repeat use of our products can change your hair (and your habits) for the better.

The challenge: We tasked four women with dry, damaged hair to quit all the non-Living Proof products they were currently using and to commit to a new system for just two weeks: our Restore Shampoo, Conditioner, Perfecting Spray, and Instant Repair every time they washed their hair, and our Mask Treatment two times a week. They didn’t have to change anything else during that time—they could blowdry, flat iron, and curl to their heart’s content.

The results: Get it straight from them. These are their stories of what happened after just two weeks.


“Being a platinum blonde commands a lot of attention, but it can wreak havoc on your hair.  After just 2 weeks with the Living Proof Restore line I can walk into a room more confidently.  It’s modern science making life a little more glamorous.” – Sarah, blogger


“I used to have to get a special curl haircut to calm my unruly curls and frizz. After a year or so, this cut seemed to be thinning out my hair. I wanted to use a product that would keep my hair looking smooth, while also maintaining the volume of my big curls. Restore from Living Proof is the first product combination I’ve used that makes my hair feel stronger and thicker while also shrinking that crazy curly girl frizz.” – Caroline, model


“From just the Restore shampoo and conditioner, I’ve noticed a subtle but distinguishable difference in my hair. Particularly, my hair has been shinier when air drying. I usually sleep on it wet, and in the morning when I wake up it’s smooth and glossy while maintaining its natural body. Instant Repair is especially helpful after shoots where there’s hair and makeup, it’s really efficient in smoothing out hair caked with hairspray and other product. Finally, I use the Perfecting Spray when I’m on the go and don’t have a lot of time to detangle my hair.” – Livy, model


“After using Living Proof Restore Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Instant Repair cream for one month, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my hair texture. I didn’t even notice how damaged my hair was before.  I can honestly say I will never be able to use another brand again!” – Georgia, model


Full Dry Volume Blast

Restore Shampoo

Restore Conditioner

Restore Perfecting Spray

Restore Instant Repair

Restore Mask Treatment


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  • J Brown

    I was interested in this article and the product. However, the “before” pictures are clearly without any product or styling, and it seems unlikely that’s how they usually style their hair. The “after” is with full product and styling. If this is a process that really works, I’d love to see a real comparison. This comes across as deceptive.

    • chelsea wire

      I’m wavy-haired and my hair has turned out similar without product. I can see how it might not be the case for all hair types but it has for me.

      • Living Proof

        Hi Chelsea, What look were you trying to create and which products did you use? I’d be happy to offer some tips and tricks!

  • Vera Guthrie

    I would love to see some results for short hair

  • Map

    Agree totally with J Brown’s comment.

  • Cat Saunders

    So after two weeks, what next?

    • Living Proof

      After two weeks you should start seeing results from your new healthier hair routine. You can decide to stick with the Restore system (especially if you have extremely damaged hair from heat/bleaching) or switch to a different Living Proof system that better fits your needs. I always recommend checking out our product selector to find your perfect product mix: Hope this helps!