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Healthy Holiday Hair: Textured Twist

The holidays are just around the corner. With meal planning, travel booking and  gift shopping, we know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve made healthy holiday hairstyling simple. Whether you’re going to a fancy after work cocktail party, or spending the holidays at home with your family, we’ve got you covered.  This simple, yet sophisticated look is perfect if you’re short on time but looking to make a lasting impression.

Get the Look: Textured Twist

You’ll Need:

– 1″ curling wand (we like this one)

Style Lab Flex Hairspray

Style Lab Molding Clay


1. Spray dry hair from roots to ends with Style Lab Flex Hairspray.

2. Using your curling wand, curl 1″ sections. You’re not going for a tight curl, so don’t worry if you only get a slight bend. This will add an overall texture to the look and make it a little less polished and more fun.

3. Spread a nickel size dollop of  Style Lab Molding Clay between palms and break apart curls.

4. Starting above your ear, grab a 1″ section of hair and begin twisting to the back, grabbing new sections of hair as you go. Once you get about halfway to the back of your head, secure with a bobby pin.

5. Spray with Style Lab Flex Hairspray to keep style in place.


Style Lab Flex Hairspray

Style Lab Molding Clay


Healthy Holiday Hair: Half-Up High Pony

Healthy Holiday Hair: Inside-Out Pony

  • Berta

    My hair is fine and a little wavy on the ends. I wear it in a short bob. Would love to try your in shower styler. Will this work for me?
    BTW I use many of your products and love them. Trying to get my hair to behave and stay in a straight bob is the problem! My hair always “flips” in certain spots!!