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6 Stylist Approved Tips to Make Your Blowout Last



Any good stylist or scientist will tell you that washing and styling your hair too often isn’t healthy. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed for a week full of ponytails. We’ve already shared with you 5 tips to get a better blowout. Now how do you keep your blowout looking good? We sat down with Natalie La Face, the stylist who runs our Living Proof test salon, who shared her 6 tips to keep your blowout lasting longer.

Shampoo smarter. A good blowout starts in the shower. Stay away from silicone-based products. While silicones help smooth your hair, they also attract dirt so you’ll feel like you need to wash your hair faster. Our shampoos keep your hair feeling cleaner, longer, so you can shampoo less often. That’s because they contain a proprietary technology that repels dirt and oil. Less washing and styling means your blowout lasts longer.


Tools matter. A quality brush is your best friend when looking to achieve a salon quality blowout. Boar bristle and nylon blend round brushes are ideal for styling.

Work out wisely. Don’t skip your workout in the name of a blowout. Just be sure to use fabric hair-ties that don’t leave an indentation in your hair. We like these ones from Emi Jay. After your workout, body shower and wait till the sweat has dried from your hair before applying dry shampoo.


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Use dry shampoo. Ours removes sweat, oil, and odor, so using this once your hair starts to feel dirty will refresh your blowout even after a workout. We even endured a spin class torture test to prove it.

Cover up. Get yourself a good shower cap (preferably one better than the free plastic caps you get at a hotel). It will protect your hair from the steam of your shower, which can cause the hair to frizz up and lose its shape.

Refresh your style. You can flat iron or curl your strands on the second or third day (check out our Pinterest page for loads of inspiration). Just don’t forget a good heat protectant, which will protect condition your hair without adding weight).

Sleep on satin. It sounds extreme, but if you have especially frizz-prone hair it’s worth it. Regular pillowcases tend to create friction when you’re sleeping, which can cause frizz. You can also try wrapping your head in a silk scarf before bedtime. Another easy way to get your beauty sleep? Apply Night Cap before bed. It gives you smooth, soft, healthy hair (and the best part is that you don’t even have to wash it out).