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5 Ways to Get a Faster, Better, Longer-Lasting Blowout (For Real!)

Let’s be frank: blowouts kind of, well, blow. They take awhile, they never look as good as when a professional does it, and they don’t hold up. Cue the tiny violins.

We’re changing all that. Our Style Lab collection is all about products that help you style smarter—and our line includes two products to help you get a (much) better result. Armed with the right products and these tips, your blowout is about to get a lot better.

Choose the right products. You know how you apply a makeup primer if you want your makeup to last longer? The same concept extends to your hair. If you want your blowout to hold up better, first apply a product like Prime Style Extender while your hair is still damp. Then, pick your preferred styler: Blowout is ideal for a round-brush blowout (to help you get those perfect flicks and flips) but if you want something sleeker, reach for T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler.

Cut some corners. Save time by rough drying your hair about 80% before you pick up your brush. You can do this by flipping your head upside-down or not—just make sure that the nozzle is directed toward the ends of your hair to prevent frizz.

Be serious about your sections. Once you’re done rough drying your hair, pin up the top 2/3 or so using a clip. When drying with a brush, make sure to grab pieces no wider than the brush. It’s much easier to manipulate a smaller amount of hair, and any bigger than that means your brushwork isn’t going to hold.

Vary your brush size. One size does not fit all—and actually, if you’re going after those Pinterest-worthy flips and flicks you should actually be using multiple brushes during the same blowdry. Start with a medium sized brush on the bottom few layers of hair (first video), and then switch to a small brush for the final detail work (second video).

Go big at the end. The quickest way to add volume to your look is to save it for the end of your blowout. Whether you choose a round or flat brush blowout, use your brush to pull hair up and away from your scalp to create volume at your crown.


Prime Style Extender


T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler


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