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Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo
Great shampoo!!
Posted by Patty on April 30, 2016 I think the living proof Perfect day shampoo is a great product:) it leaves my hair very clean and stays longer clean. I have also use some of the styling product with great results!! The only thing I have to objected is the smell I do not like it and that is the reason I use the shampoo but not the conditioner. Using a different brand conditioner i still getting the benefits but get rid of the smell. Please, please put a different fragrance in the products, so we customers have a choice. Thank you
No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray
Absolutely amazing
Posted by Jill on April 25, 2016 Absolutely amazing stuff!!!! It will make you sing hallelujahhhhhh!!!!!!!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Cannot live without it!
Posted by Leah on April 25, 2016 Woah! This is the shizzle. I travel a lot and used to bring a lotta hair management products with me. Like: flat iron spray' It's a 10 hair gel, mousse, hairspray .... Then my longtime beloved hairdresser (22 years together!) introduced me to 5-in-1. I have scrapped so many hair products that take place of 5-in-1. Buy it and it will last you through a year! Absolutely the BEST hair care product I've ever used.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Must have!
Posted by Leah on April 25, 2016 Night Cap changed my life! In one usage my hair went from frizzy, dry, frazzled and weirdo wavy. This product is a god send to anyone with dry or frizzy hair - and probably all others. Why? Because you lather up your hair at night and wake up with zero residue or aftermath. I challenged their philosophy and slept on my satin pillows. ZERO residue. It's a dry shampoo and hair cream all in one!!! I can't live without this night cap. And the 5 in one styler.
Timeless Shampoo
Posted by Jeanne on April 24, 2016 Another amazing line of Living Proof products that lives up to its claims. I'm 55 with salt and pepper hair, lots of it, but the individual strands are thin and tend to break, making a frizz mess. The Timeless shampoo and conditioner give needed weight but don't flatten my hair; it moves nicely. This is my new routine, with small amounts of Restore Instant Repair as a leave-in after washing or on dry hair when it needs a little love. So happy LP developed these! I don't use the Timeless pre-treatment because I don't color my hair and it didn't seem to give added benefit in my case. Akso, the Timeless mousse made my hair kind of straw-like, but it might be just right for other types of aging hair.
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