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Timeless Shampoo
Posted by Amy on August 18, 2016 I have been using the PHD styling cream for a few months now and love that. I just received the travel size of the Timeless Shampoo & Conditioner and have used them both the last two days. I can't believe how much body my hair has (I have straight, fine hair) but yet it's soft. In the past when I've used products that make my hair soft and smooth, it has no body and won't do anything I want it to. I have had an amazing two days of great hair! I will definitely be purchasing the bigger sizes of these products!
Full Shampoo
Best products ever!!
Posted by Kitty on August 16, 2016 I do not use anything but this line of products. I even take them with me to my hair stylist because she does not have any products that work as well on my hair. I have very fine hair with highlights and it turns to cotton without your products.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Love this stuff, BUT...
Posted by BunnyII on August 15, 2016 I love this dry shampoo. It extends my blow out, when used with my other Living Proof products, by at least 2-3 days! Unfortunately, and I can't emphasize this enough, the can HAS to be larger. By the time I've made use of it 4-5 times, it's nearly done. Too much propellant? Whatever it is, LARGER CANS, PLEASE!
No Frizz Humidity Shield
Rain proof!
Posted by AJ on August 12, 2016 I tried this after my stylist convinced me how much I'd love it. I'd tried other anti-humidity sprays before, all with varying levels of success with my thick but fine wavy/frizz-prone hair. While I trusted her, nothing works perfectly, right? Wrong. The first day I used this, I round-brushed my hair straight, only to promptly have it rained on. A drizzle or even a mist usually leaves my hair 'styled' with fuzzball waves and flat bangs half-stuck to my forehead (and somehow, even they manage to be frizzy). Not this time. My hair looked like it did right after I styled it. Even better, I could still run my fingers through it without feeling any kind of sticky 'product' feel. With this southeast Louisiana humidity, this may be my new hair BFF!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Fresh Cut Split End Mender
Amazing for dried fried damaged ends
Posted by Suzy on August 10, 2016 I thought nothing could beat the restore line for damaged hair but when you couple that with this product, you reach a whole new level. The restore line salvaged my hair but the split and mender brings it to a whole new level This is now a must in my hair arsenal!!!
The calm before (and after) the storm- frizz doesn't stand a chance 🌩 (📷: @livingproofsweden) #YourBestHair #NoFrizz

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