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Prime Style Extender Cream
Actually Works!
Posted by Claire on May 19, 2016 This stuff is amazing. I can use this after washing my hair, then styling it and I can depend on the fact that my hair will still look fabulous the next day and even the next. Worth every penny!
Restore Conditioner
Fixed my problem hair
Posted by Suzanne on May 18, 2016 I am very allergic to every type of hair product--except all of the Living Proof products! It has been amazing to be able to use this product without problems and it has made my hair so shinny and soft. I'm finally getting compliments on my hair again. I highly recommend all of the products.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Fresh Cut Split End Mender
Fantastic product
Posted by Deanna on May 17, 2016 I have fine hair that I wear to my shoulders that tends to get really scraggly at the ends. I started using this just after my last cut and after six weeks my ends look as crisp as the week I got it cut. The scragglyness has been almost totally eradicated. I am amazed. I will use this always and forever.
Timeless Shampoo
Posted by Deanna on May 17, 2016 I am 46 and my hair is very fine and thin. I have been been using the PhD line for about a year (and really really like it), but this is just a wow for me. I cannot believe what a difference this shampoo and conditioner make. My hair looks and feels like silk, but with body. I can't stop touching my head. I immediately sent a text to two of my friends saying, "Don't ask questions, just buy this now."
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
More like Magic Cap
Posted by Janelle on May 09, 2016 I received this product as a free sample from purchasing other Living Proof products and I was very skeptical of it. I used it after I washed my hair and when I woke up the next morning a miracle had occurred. PhD Night Cap Overnight Perfector truly perfected my hair! My hair is somewhat ombre, my natural color (dark ash blonde) is my roots then it brightens into a beautiful bleach blonde color towards the ends. Night Cap made my roots about 4 shades lighter I swear and the rest of my hair even brighter. Plus, my hair is so soft and I think it even grew about 2 inches. This stuff is ah-mazing! I cannot get enough of it. If you're skeptic about it like I was, just try it. You won't regret it!
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