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Perfect hair Day (PhD) In-Shower Styler
Posted by S on May 17, 2017 I have naturally curly hair, but lost it for the past few years due to some stresses in life, and the products that I used to use just left it unbearable and mainly straight and frizzy so i've been unable to leave it "naturally" curly like i used to be able to.... then i saw this new product as soon as it was released and I love their other products so i thought ok lets try this out, not knowing what to expect. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Immediately after getting out of the shower and scrunching up my hair i could tell that the curls were activated like they used to be! I didnt add any other product in my hair since i wanted to see what this one only did (i figured I'd need some sort of frizz control or something) but it was the exact opposite! My natural curls air dried perfectly!!! I could not believe it! I havent had my curls back for about 4-5 years! Whats even better is my curls lasted at least 2 days, possibly 3 without having to wash my hair again. I put my hair up in a high ponytail on top of my head while sleeping to not crush my curls and i just ran the water in my sink and splashed some onto my curls in the morning to "re-activate" the curls a bit to make them a bit perkier on the 2nd and 3rd day. I'm so excited to be able to not have to use heat styling on my hair and perfect timing to find this product since its summer now! BUY THIS! Try it out for yourself!!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) In-Shower Styler
Posted by Christie on May 12, 2017 Unbelievable how much shine and volume I got from using this incredible product. I applied after using the No Frizz shampoo and the Restore conditioner on roots to mid length the the mask mid length to ends rinsed applied this rinsed lightly the sprayed with my Restore Perfecting spray then used a wide toothed comb to detangle and tousled my slightly wavy hair let it air dry. The results were incredible. It looks like I spent at least an hour blow drying and curling it but I didn't. It has beachy voluminous waves that feel soft. I have incredible waves and shine galore my hair is normally frizzy and limp after air drying. Very impressive product. I had already been using the other products but needed to blow dry and or curl to get these results this was the only new product I added. The volume was the most impressive of all the differences I noticed. Even w blow drying and curling I don't get volume like this. Can't wait to try the PHD 5/1 next. Curious which will give better or how it will style for different results So glad I found Living Proof I'd been searching for silicone free products that work for over 2 years. The science behind your brand is proving itself over and over again. My hair is healthier then when it was shoulder length at I'm at mid back length now. I'm trialling your products and having a hard time figuring out which to purchase first. They've all been great. I air dry most of the time so this one is perfect for me. I haven't seen other companies come out with an air dry specific product. If yours is setting the bar they will be years behind in developing a formula that could even compete with the results this has given me. Must have for air drying with style and so much texture too!
Perfect hair Day (PhD) In-Shower Styler
Yet another success story
Posted by Ann on May 10, 2017 I have been using Living Proof products since their first year as a company. I love their scientific approach to beauty and their arguments against silicone. I have wavy / loose S waves / curly hair and I rarely use heat styling. (I may blow dry my hair 3 times a year). This is due to laziness and lack of skill with hot tools, but I love to wear my hair with beachy waves. This product is what I have wanted for 40 plus years...I now have to wash my hair in the morning since sleeping on this product leaves me too tangled of a mess where brushing / combing removes the intended effect. I don't mind a bit. I am super pleased with how nice this works.
Restore Mask Treatment
Posted by Christie on May 08, 2017 I've been using a deep conditioning mask once a week to twice a week for almost 2 years in my quest to grow my pixie cut to waist length hair. I'm at below bra strap now and thought this would be it my hair was becoming too dry and damaged on the ends to look healthy growing any longer until I found this. I've tried every hair mask I could get my hands on. Some were nice but always contained silicone which actually blocks moisture from hair just giving you an illusion of healthy hair. Silicone free products are hard to find and when I've used them they fail to give my hair the slip and softness I crave. This is first mask that delivers on everything it says everything I'm looking for and more. It really does make my hair stronger and shiny for the first time being a dyed blonde shine just never happened for me until I used this line with the perfecting spray. It's by far the thickest mask I've ever used so a little dollop does my whole head. My hair is fine and wavy it helps my waves pop and gives me shine without weighing down my hair. You get what you pay for with this product I'm finally going silicone free and I will get my waist length healthy hair now thanks to LIVING PROOF!!
Restore Perfecting Spray
Best product ever!! Can't live without this now
Posted by Christie on May 07, 2017 I have dyed blonde wavy hair that is the longest it's ever been just past my bra strap. My hair always tangled after conditioning and never had shine. This product along with the Restore shampoo and conditioner gave my hair tangle free shiny manageable heat and IV protection all in one bottle. I've now ordered full sizes of the full line. I'm on a journey to get waist length hair and thought I had hit my end as my hair just stopped being able to style without serious damage. Now thanks to LIVING PROOF I will continue and achieve my quest for truly long hair that looks feels and actually is healthier than most people with shoulder length hair. Thank you so much for developing a unique multitasking product line. Science is flawlessly beautiful and proven, my hair is beautifully wavy and people think I'm wearing extensions it's just too good looking to be real. That's actually the best compliment I could ask for. But no, it's my hair and I am LIVING PROOF this works.
Sun-kissed color and gorgeous waves = the perfect springtime combination. (📷: @nicarose) #YourBestHair #WavesForDays

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