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Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Truly Magial
Posted by Britt Owl on July 08, 2016 This is truly a remarkable product. It melts right into my hair without a trace of residue. I've used multiple (mostly silicone laden) products lately to try and smooth my frizzy hair. Last year I got a couple of keratin straightening treatments out of desperation and they absolutely ruined my hair leaving it dry and straw-like. I was beginning to think my hair would never fully recover until I discovered this overnight treatment. Firstly the minute you apply's gone! Sinks right in without any residue or "wet" feeling to the hair. I then put my hair up in a high pony tail and went to bed. I expected to wake up with my hair lank with product or crimped from putting a lotion in it then lying down. My hair was PERFECT! I fluffed it at the roots, brushed the ends, applied a tiny amount of the No Frizz nourishing oil (got a free sample with this order) and I was out the door. I am sold on this line, the items are pricey for my budget but in the long run if I don't have to curl or straighten daily or resort to damaging straightening treatments then I am happy to work the price of these into my budget.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Posted by Lea on July 05, 2016 The best.I have naturally very wavy hair.natural color except just the very tips where an ombre is growing out.I used on damp hair after washing and light conditioning.noticed right away my hair was smoother.the nexy day, I applied a little more and my hair was almost straight without any heat.i never blow dry, straighten only when meeded due to it takes forever and is sooo bad for your hair.I was so impressed, my flat iron was barely needed to make it straight. On day e still straight however, could never fo any longer due to I do have an oily scalp. Will be buying a full size.this was my first experience with living proof and will be trying the full line in the future. TRY YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Fresh Cut Split End Mender
Posted by Tracey on July 05, 2016 I have frizzy, "pre-menapause" hair with lots of split ends. I cannot believe the difference after just one use. It smells incredible and you don't need much at all. My ends look like I just came out of the salon. I will never go without this and I am totally addicted to Living Proof products. You will not be disappointed with this product!
No Frizz Nourishing Oil
Great Product!
Posted by JudyH on June 16, 2016 I am fairly new to the Living Proof products. I received this oil as a sample with a recent order and absolutely love it. I love every product I try! I started with the dry shampoo and was instantly hooked. The Nightcap that came with it was so nice, I decided to just go ahead and try the shampoo and conditioner. I'm using the Timeless products and love it! Next purchase is this oil for sure. Just a couple drops are all I need after styling my hair to leave it shiny and silky and manageable. It makes my hair look so very healthy. No oily residue or weighed down appearance.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo
Great! Not enough product though
Posted by Lauren on June 15, 2016 The product itself is great. Using it I have been able to stretch my shampoo days to three times a week! Which is pretty good for my long and oily hair. Only downside is the amount of product that you have in each bottle. I bought the full size one, and using it about twice a week I have only gotten about 5 weeks use! Which is a double bummer after they make you fall in love with the product so you know you will be buying it again :) Makes is inconvenient and expensive, especially if you are using it more per week that I even was. I recommend it, though, to anyone who is on that tireless pursuit of a dry shampoo that actually works like I was!
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