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Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips and tricks

Co-owner Jen shares her hair tips & tricksGet the look

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Satin Hair Serum

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You are the Living Proof
Restore Shampoo
Posted by DOROTHY on April 27, 2015 I use both the Restore shampoo and the conditioner and they have transformed my color treated, dry, frizzy hair into sleek, silky, shiny hair. It only takes a small amount of this shampoo to create wonderful soapy suds. It feels different than the shampoo I was previously using. I watched the video demonstration on the LP website that shows the difference between virgin hair and bleached hair. The virgin hair floats whereas the bleached hair sinks. But once the bleached hair was treated with Restore products, it floats just like virgin hair. Impressive! I used the s&c for two weeks, as suggested, and my hair is now so healthy that it looks like I never colored it or used a curling iron. It looks like it did back in high school (many, many moons ago)!! I simply can't believe the difference.!! My hair also stayed cleaner much longer. I usually shampoo every other day but am now able to go several days without washing. It's so nice when a product lives up to its claims. I highly recommend Restore shampoo. However, I don't think my results would've been half as good if I only used the shampoo. Just FYI.
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector
Posted by dottiesj on April 27, 2015 I used the Overnight Perfector after using LP Restore shampoo and conditioner in the morning. Rather than using it overnight, I left it on until 6pm, a full eight hours. I distributed it evenly but concentrated mainly on the ends of my hair. I let my hair air dry overnight. In the morning, my hair was soft and shiny and frizz free. It looked nourished and healthy. I have to say that it was in decent condition beforehand but the Perfector made it silkier and softer. For those who have significant damage, this product would be a game changer. My hair responded better to styling; the curls were more defined and held longer than usual. I color my hair so dryness is always an issue. It's also wavy and frizz is a constant presence because I live in Florida where the humidity is off the rails. I had no dryness at all; it was soft and supple and there was no frizz whatsoever. I ordered the Prime Style Extender (which is majorly good) from the LP website and received a sample of the Overnight Perfector. Based on my results, I am purchasing the full size of the Perfector. I recommend this product for anyone struggling with issues similar to mine. I color my hair and also use a curling iron several times a week. Both of these activities do damage and it's great to find a product that can undo the abuse. I definitely recommend this product.
Prime Style Extender Cream
Works like magic!
Posted by DOROTHY on April 24, 2015 The first time I used this product I wasn't impressed. The sample I got from Sephora was small and I wasn't really paying attention to the results. But I bought a full size tube anyway. My first try was OK but nothing special. The second time I used a bit more and made sure that I covered my hair from roots to ends. After the primer I used the LP No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray and then let my hair air dry overnight. In the morning I couldn't feel any product in my hair but it was bouncy and shiny even before styling. I used a curling iron to create loose waves and then ran my fingers through to loosen up the curls. The styling spray actually held my hard-to-hold hair really well. But the next morning, my hair looked really good without any additional curling/styling. I couldn't believe it! And I didn't have to shampoo for several days. I'm a believer now and will make this primer a part of my regular routine. It didn't add any weight to my hair at all and it obviously increased the effectiveness of the styling spray. I have a good hair day almost every day now. The only thing missing is thermal protection. I have to use a separate product for that and it's kind of a pain. But I definitely recommend the primer cream.
Satin Hair Serum
Was hesitant at first with the whole line .. I am now a believer of the LP technology behind great hair
Posted by Eleni on April 23, 2015 I have used all the best pricey hair products currently on the market over the years and decided to take a chance on the Living Proof line ... after close to 2 months I am a firm believer that the technology behind the Living Proof line works .. I use the Restore shampoo & conditioner then apply Restore Instant Repair and and then this amazing serum ...dry my hair and spray in the Straight go back over my hair with a large round brush and the dryer.. my hair stays straight all day no frizz, no flyaways etc .. and all with no flat iron needed .. and best of all its shiny, touchable and no limp locks no greasiness... I have dry hair that is colored every 5-6 weeks and this line up has brought my hair back to looking healthy and manageable ... Now as with any hair line its all in what works and in what sequence .. trial and error ... each persons hair is different for me this works beautifully ... I am a believer !
No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray
amazing formula. I pray they never stop making it!
Posted by laure on April 23, 2015 I just can't believe it. I have thick, bushy , coarse frizzy hair. This formula made my hair so soft and shiny, it felt like what I used to call as a child, " real people hair" since mine was so different than all the other kids. It truly is a miracle- I just went and bought a back up bottle just in case... my hair feels so soft, smooth, and no frizz at all. I love love love this product.

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