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Full Dry Volume Blast
The Answer to My Lifeless Hair
Posted by Jennifer on October 20, 2016 DVB is the answer to my flat, lifeless hair. I use all the Living Proof products. So my hair has a healthy look. But this product gives my hair the lasting fullness it needs that boosts my confidence. I gave it 4 stars because I struggle when using DVB to keep my hair full and smooth, over full and messy. Bottom line - I highly recommend DVB. I make sure I am never without it. Love LP!!!
Full Dry Volume Blast
Great for Volume and Texture, especially on just washed & dried "clean" hair
Posted by KMc on October 19, 2016 I wash my hair every 3 days as a rule. With LP, I can stretch that out. I have medium thick hair past my shoulders. I almost always have better hair after I sleep on it - it just is that way. I like this for when I do have to wash my hair but want it to have a little more oooph to it. You don't want to spray the whole can around your head like hair spray. I watched video demos of this on youtube and social media first. You only want to target certain spots of your head. You want to SHAKE THE CAN BEFORE EACH SPRAY AND USE SHORT BURSTS. Then I let it just sit there for a few like I do with dry shampoo & then fluff my hair out. I usually just target the roots near my bangs, the frame of my face (left & right roots), flip my hair over & give a shot on the back of my head near my neck. That's pretty much all there is to it. This is for texture and volume & I'd imagine it works great for people that don't have that. I like to it add to my style as needed, but not daily.
Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray
Great Blowout
Posted by Kmc on October 19, 2016 I used this for my usual part hair dryer finish with hot air brush styler & got an amazing blowout as a result. I did use a bit when I was done to hold in place. That worked very well. I used a little bit of Humidity or Flex Spray after to finish it off. I usually put Nightcap in my hair every day & the next day my hair was a little tacky. The PhD Dry Shampoo solved that problem. I'll just know not to use the PhD when I use Blow Out next time (or just use it on the night I plan to wash my hair the next day). This will save a lot of drying time when I'm getting ready for work. I didn't saturate my hair with it either - just a gentle spritz, finger fluffed my hair with it prior to drying & that's it - great blow out in a fraction of my normal blow out time.
Full Shampoo
Throw away every thing else
Posted by Margaret on October 14, 2016 This is all you will need!!! I have tried everything in the world to make my thin & thinning hair look good. Most everything I used made my hair look dirty and limp by the end of the day. I decided to give the full shampoo, conditioner and thickening cream a try, guess what, I removed all the other products I had, put them all in a large plastic bag and donated it to a women's shelter. This IS finally the answer to my problem hair. Now my hair looks shiny, full ( yes full ) and manageable with body. At the end of the day it still looks just as good as it did first thing in the morning. Living Proof Hair Care is the answer. I am going to try more of the products, like the 5 in 1 also. I won't be surprised when it works just as wonderfully as the other products I have tried. Thank you Living Proof!!! ( plus I ordered online from them and got 3 really neat travel size products, not just a small envelope one time use type of sample, the real thing to take on a months vacation!! )
Full Travel Kit with Thickening Cream
Lifetime Customer
Posted by Kathy on October 13, 2016 My hair is very fine and very flat. I also color my hair. In order for me to get any volume, I have to use a sulfate shampoo. However, using sulfate shampoo fades my color very quickly. I feel this Living Proof Full line is made just for me! I got the travel kit so I wouldn't be out a lot of money if it didn't work. My next purchase is going to be full sized bottles of the shampoo and conditioner. It is pretty pricey but when something works this well, it's worth it. I'm a customer for life.

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